ME REST: “RESILIENT INSPIRATIONS” Workshops, an inspiration

At the beginning of 2024, project partners began to plan and organize drama-based workshop which will led to the recording of podcast collecting the reading of resilience stories collected during previous workshops “MY RESILIENCE STORY”.

Participants to “MY RESILIENCE STORY” workshops have been trained to develop basic acting capacities related with voice, such as improving the clarity of their voice, vary the volume and tone of their voice to convey emotion and motivation, choose phrasing that clearly communicates and allows them to breath effectively etc. Then, they were trained in how to record the reading of their story using basic and opensource software create podcast collecting the reading of resilience stories. They would become an inspiration for thousands of persons that need to be resilient in difficult moments all over Europe.   

Workshop facilitators will turn this drama workshop lifetime experience into a replicable one by creating a guide to use the podcasts in the framework of programmes aimed to promote resilience-related skills, such as flexibility, problem solving, coping and innovation abilities.

Pretty soon you will find the RESILIENT INSPIRATIONS podcasts collection and the workshop guidelines on our project website.

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Picture by Magda Ehlers on Pexels