Press release no 2: Discover the progress of #MeRest

‘My Resilience Story’ and ‘Expressing My Resilience’ in two workshop guidelines

In recent months, the #MeRest project partnership has achieved two significant milestones: the development of two workshop guidelines.

The first guideline focuses on the “My Resilience Story” workshop, a narrative writing session designed to prompt participants to reflect and share their difficult daily experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with their resilient responses.

The second guideline concerns the “Expressing my resilience” workshop which offers participants an opportunity to deepen their life experience through artistic and creative activities and building on the resilience stories shared in the previous workshop.

The Erasmus+ project #Me-Rest has developed and evaluated non-formal educational activities focused on building resilience through self-narration using visual arts and theatre techniques. These activities were specifically designed for three social groups significantly impacted by the pandemic: the elderly or individuals with disabilities, those with mental health challenges, and healthcare workers.

Following the piloting of the workshops, we are pleased to announce that the two workshop manuals are now available.

In the guidelines for “My Resilience Story” workshop the activities carried out during the workshop are presented in detail, unveiling them step by step. The workshop aims to promote participants’ narrative expression, guiding them in analyzing what they wished to include or exclude in their stories and helping them identify the skills they were able to put into practice to adapt to the difficulties they were encountering. Through creative writing, the workshop aimed to help participants establish a connection between their experiences and resilience skills.

In the presented material, it is also possible to read the narrative stories of the participants’ reflecting on the moments of everyday experience that challenged.

The “Expressing My Resilience” guidelines provide a precise overview of the activities carried out during the artistic workshop aimed at promoting the development of skills such as confidence, sense of identity, self-awareness, and self-esteem, while also offering the opportunity to explore and express difficult experiences and foster creativity. In the guidelines, four different methods of art therapy are proposed and tested during the MeRest piloting:

  • Method 1: MAK (Metaphorical Associative Cards) COPE;

All activities are based on the resilience stories collected during the creative writing workshop. It will be from these stories that participants will be able to visually express their experiences, strengths, and reflections.

In addition to the guidelines for replicating the workshop, it is possible find an Exhibition Gallery on the Project website that collects the works realised by the participants in the piloting. Me Rest Project Exhibition

‘My Resilience Story’ Guidelines and ‘Expressing My Resilience’ Guidelines are available in English, Lithuanian, Romanian, Greek and Italian on the project website at the link:

Please remain connected as the updates are ongoing; soon, you will have the opportunity to listen to the resilience stories of the participants in a podcast collection titled “RESILIENT INSPIRATIONS.” Through the Project web we will continue disseminating every stage and outcome of our project, designed to deliver an inventive training program for enhancing adult resilience in the face of life’s trials, along with cutting-edge tools for the professional growth of adult educators. This initiative is aligned with our overarching objective of bolstering resilience.

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